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Dickinson Elementary School

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Melinda Lamers » Mrs. Melinda Lamers - School Counselor

Mrs. Melinda Lamers - School Counselor

Hello!  Since 2008, I have had the privilege to be the School Counselor and Life Skills teacher at Dickinson Elementary.  I received both my Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in School Counseling at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.  Before coming to Dickinson, I also worked as a pre-K through 12 grade School Counselor in the town of Stockbridge, WI.  I currently live in Wrightstown with my husband and two wonderful sons.  In our free time, we love spending time at our cabin, fishing, swimming and enjoying nature.  
As the School Counselor, I spend my days helping students with academic, social and emotional needs to help them do their best and be their best.  I provide students with short term skills counseling in either small groups or individually, based on what is most appropriate for each student.  Some common areas I work with kids on are: feeling management, friendship and social skills, changing families, and overall health and wellness.  If you are interested in having me work with your child, please contact me and I would love to learn more about your child's needs.  
As I mentioned, I am also the Life Skills teacher at Dickinson and I get to see all students once a week as part of their specials schedule.  In Life Skills class I teach topics such as: Cooperation, Respect, Responsibility, Study Skills, Safety, Friendship, Feeling Management, Conflict Resolution, Diversity, Self-Esteem, Careers and general Character Education.
I also like to serve as a resource of information on mental health and community resources.  Each month I will post parenting resources on various topics.  This month you can find some tips for recognizing and helping children who are experiencing anxiety.   Please check back regularly as new topics will be added!