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Dickinson Elementary School

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Kayla Nolan » Mrs. Nolan - 4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Nolan - 4th Grade Teacher

A new year...welcome to 4th grade!
I have been teaching at Dickinson Elementary since 1999 and still feel we have the best school around.  We have a connected and fun staff, supportive parents, and wonderful students.  
Building avid readers, awesome mathematicians, creative leaders, and happy students continues to be my goal.  Fostering a love for learning, encouraging positive choices and building a growth mindset are so important for a great year!  We work as a team:  student, parent, teacher and we all have the same goal - student success!  Looking forward to another amazing year.

4th grade goals and expectations-

Teacher Goals-  I will create a classroom community where:

  • Each child feels safe, valued, and cared for
  • Mutual respect is given to adults and classmates
  • Students are encouraged to think critically and creatively
  • Students receive instruction that is consistent, purposeful and relevant

Student Expectations-  The students are expected to:

  • Be courteous, kind and respectful
  • Be accountable and responsible for their own learning and work
  • Come to school prepared and willing with a growth mindset
  • Follow school and community agreements
  • Take risks in their learning, make mistakes, and keep trying
  • Believe in themselves and have fun!

Family Support-  You can support your child and the school by:

  • Making sure your child gets adequate sleep and a good breakfast
  • Having your child read and have fun playing some online math games each night
  • Encouraging responsibility and good study habits
  • Helping your child learn to positively resolve conflicts and respect adults and peers
  • Talking with your child about his/her school activities